A Social Platform for Book Lovers.

Project Details

Concept project l 2 weeks l Individual


  • Insights that led to Solution
  • Sketches and Ideation Process
  • Outcome Scenario
  • Onboarding Journey
  • Tested Wireframes
  • Hi-Fi Clickable Prototype


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin


This project was about interviewing a user to understanding a main frustration in their lives. The task was then to design an app to help solve their problem. My user was a book lover, and her problem was that she was often recommended books she did not like. I developed an app which allowed her to add a close network of friends and see what they were reading. Additional features included the ability to recommend and swap books as well as having a personal library in which the user could visualise their favourite reads, wishlist and more. The final app helped my user keep up to date with what her network was reading as well as see if a book is suited to her taste.

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