Cutting Out the Middle Man

Project Details

Client Project l 2.5 Weeks l Group (3 people)


  • Competitive & Comparative Research
  • Outcome Scenario
  • User Flows
  • Responsive High-Fi Prototype
  • Design of Property Creation Flow
  • Home/Landlord Landing Page


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Draw.io
  • Zeplin


My final work at General Assembly was a group project for an online lettings agency in London. Their aim was to create a fairer platform for landlords and tenants by cutting out the middleman, i.e. the estate agents. HomeRenter’s four main personas were the landlords, tenants, homeviewers and service providers. However, for this project, our primary persona were the landlords.

The company's problem was that not enough Landlords were listing their properties on their site and 80% of them were dropping off during the listing process. Through contextual inquiries and user interviews, we found that this was due to the unclear and lengthy process involved in the existing listing flow. Users were also unsure of the services being offered and found an overload of information on the “Learn More” page.

We first focused on enticing the user from the start through the homepage. We did this by focusing on the information above the fold in order to highlight landlord benefits quickly and effectively. Copy was key to this step and we tested a variety of design iterations to find the solution which drew users in. We then redesigned the landlord landing page in order to provide better clarity to users before they start listing. By introducing infographics as a way of explaining key steps, landlords were able to understand what was required in terms of time and documents. Our next area of focus was the listing process and reducing the number of steps to gain the minimum information required from users in order to publish their property. We omitted unnecessary elements and narrowed the seventeen steps into five, while incorporating a clear and more obvious progress bar.

We worked successfully together in a team by applying a hard-working yet balanced approach to the design project. The final presentation gained positive feedback and HomeRenter were incredibly happy with our efforts and professionalism towards the work. They have informed us that they have began to implement some changes already, which will go live later in 2019.

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Hi-Fi Prototype