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I'm Hera Saqib

I am an experienced Design Director based in Manchester, U.K. I have an extensive range of experience, from Fintech, Ed-tech and Gaming to Aviation. I am an entrepreneur at heart, innovator and skilled UX/UI Designer. Arrange a call to discuss your project or other opportunities.

Some of my design experience

Over the last 9 years include...
Apr 2020
(5 months)
Classimize - Co-founder & Design Director
Manchester, UK, Remote
Oct 2018
(3 months)
Healthcare, Lead UX/UI
London, UK, Remote
Jul 2020
(to present)
Snowfall Travel - Head of UX/UI
Manchester, UK, Hybrid
Sep 2016
(1 year)
MArch Architecture*
University of Newcastle
Sep 2012
(3 years)
BA (Hons) Architecture (2:1)
University of Newcastle
Jul 2018
(3 months)
UXDI Course, General Assembly
London, UK
Jul 2019
(10 months)
Various Lead Contracting Roles
UK, Remote
Jul 2019
(10 months)
OpenMoney - UX/UI
Manchester, UK

Agile is the way forward

I apply the double diamond technique to all my UX design sprints. I believe that research and testing are key in delivering a successful project for the user. From quick, hand drawn sketches to MVP prototypes, my process involves developing the best solution to identified pain points through an iterative approach.


These are some of the tools I love to use.


"Hera has the ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease instantly when meeting her. She is very professional and is able to get the job done with precision and focus. Hera is confident in the work she produces. She has great UX Design skills and abilities, not only with the processes, but also with the visual design."
Chris Davies-Anipole
UX Designer for Lego, London
"Hera is a rare talent that radiates creativity and enthusiasm. I had the delight to work with her over 3 months and she was exceptional at always being able to provide creative solutions, focus her attention to users and dedicate her time to developing designs that always went above expectation. Hera is always willing to share her knowledge and experience and I would highly recommend this hard working individual."
Parin Ashra
‍UX Designer
Prolific North Tech Awards 2020
Nominated for Best Application of Tech – Finance: OpenMoney

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